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Vasectomies provide a permanent form of birth control for men who don’t want to have children. At Aletheia Integrative in Lincoln, Nebraska, Jaime K Dodge, MD and the team of family practice and direct primary care physicians offer vasectomies to men who want to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Call Alethia Integrative today to schedule a vasectomy consultation or book your appointment online. 

Vasectomies Q&A

Are vasectomies the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?

It depends. There are several ways for sexually active men to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, like condoms and the withdrawal method. These approaches to contraception can help lower the risk of pregnancy, but they aren’t as effective as a vasectomy.

Vasectomies surgically close off the vas deferens –– hollow tubes that carry sperm to the urethra in preparation for ejaculation. Though no vasectomy is entirely effective, it has a failure rate far less than other birth control methods. 

How do I prepare for a vasectomy?

The Aletheia Integrative team completes a presurgical consultation before recommending a vasectomy.

Your provider reviews your medical records, completes a physical exam, and asks about your lifestyle and general health. Let your provider know if you take prescription medications, like blood thinners. These drugs won’t necessarily prevent you from undergoing a vasectomy, but they can increase the risk of complications, so it’s important your provider is aware.

Your provider has you sign a surgical consent form if they determine that you’re a candidate for a vasectomy. 

You may need to fast or take certain medications before your vasectomy. Follow your provider’s instructions to ensure positive results. 

What do vasectomies involve?

Vasectomies are an outpatient procedure that averages 30-60 minutes. Aletheia utilizes the latest technology which includes a minimally invasive, scalpel-free procedure for permanent male sterilization.

Our low-risk, in-office procedure includes oral and topical pain medications that are provided before the procedure to aid in relaxation and minor discomfort.

Patients may experience minor soreness, tightness, and swelling for a few days after the procedure. Your physician administers local and general anesthesia. After the anesthetic sets in, they use surgical tools to close off the vas deferens, preventing sperm from exiting your body with semen. Since it takes several hours for the anesthetic to wear off, you need a friend or family member to drive you home.

What is recovery like after a vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, it’s normal to have mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort for several days. Follow your provider’s recovery instructions. Take your medication as prescribed, apply ice to your crotch several times daily, and change your dressings whenever they get dirty. 

Most people return to work and other activities within three days, but it may take longer.

Call Aletheia Integrative today to schedule a vasectomy consultation or book your appointment online.